Google Glass Accessibility on Facebook

Google Glass Accessibility page on Facebook Google Glass has triggered significant research into using alternative inputs to enhance accessibility. Many of these researchers and developers are sharing information on Facebook via the  Google Glass Accessibility group.

The group was started by Andy Lin, a developer and Google Glass Explorer who started an IndieGogo campaign to kick off his exploration of Google Glass. Lin is exploring the use of Glass with external switches for those with physical disabilities.

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Glove Translates Sign Language

This prototype from the Sarohm team in Israel interprets sign language via an Android phone. This was demonstrated in 2011 and is still a rough draft, but is a good example of using hand held devices to improve communication.

show&Tell glove – introduction from sarohm on Vimeo.

They describe the glove as a poetic communication platform, which hints at expanding the use beyond sign language.


A glove that translates sign language into text. The idea was initially conceived as an alternative communication platform for future wearable computers in order to bridge between the virtual textual and offline physical communication.

The use of sign language presents a poetic solution; taking a tool used today by communicatively disabled people and putting it to use in order to enable and enhance the communication skills of the rest of us.
Show and Tell – Sarohm

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Google Glass possibilities

This video from the Google Glass team shows how they expect Glass will make a significant impact on accessibility.

The video follows Alex Blaszczuk, a lawyer who was recently paralyzed, as she joins her friends on a camping trip and uses Glass to take photographs, search for information, and share the trip with friends. Accessible technology is about removing barriers, which is what Glass is doing in this video.

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