Fleksy Watch Keyboard

Fleksy started as an alternative keyboard application for blind iOS users. As it matured, the application became a very popular alternative keyboard on Android and now iOS applications for sighted users as well. Fleksy’s intelligent pattern matching allows a user to type without having to carefully hit specific keyboard keys, which makes it especially useful on the limited real estate of a wearable computer.

This video shows Fleksy on an Omate smart watch. I watched them use this last year, long before the Galaxy Gear was released. You’ll see how quickly a user can write on this limited space. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t have audio descriptions, but for every tapping sound, the user is adding a letter, the swipe sound is completing the word.

Fleksy makes it easy to install on your Galaxy Gear: How to install Fleksy on the Samsung Galaxy Gear or use their SDK to add the keyboard to your project.

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