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Wearable Future for Accessibility

This presentation was created for the CSUN 2016 Conference by Ted Drake, Intuit Accessibility. Wearable Future for Accessibility from Ted Drake

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Wearable First Rethinking Accessible Design

Wearable-First Design and Accessibility from Ted Drake Wearable devices go beyond the watch and eye glasses. This presentation introduces the wide variety of devices and how they can make the world more accessible.  This article by Smithsonian explains how the pocket watch was wearable-first design

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WearAbility for Inclusive Design 24

They say 2014 is the year of wearable computers and devices. While marketed mostly towards the busy professionals and health conscious athletes, there’s far more to these devices. This presentation looks at the intersection of wearable computers and accessibility. How can these sensor filled devices provide alternative displays and gestures? How can they help a… Continue Reading WearAbility for Inclusive Design 24

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